Friday, December 10, 2004

What are so of the reasons that teens have sex

There are many different reasons for having sex at an early age. The one reason that I think is the one factor is not having or getting enough love, attention, or care at home. When kids don't feel that they are being loved at home they go out and try to find it in the street, and that is were young sex come from. Also drug use and alcohol use can contribute to not thinking and having sex. The parents say that the reason for teens having sex is the environment that they are living in. They say that teens are are being exposed to sex through T.V., movies, songs, and etc. Peer pressure is also a big problem that teens have to deal with about sex. Many teens have sex because the people around them are having it, and they feel that they have to have sex in order to fit in. A lot of people are being pressured into sex by the people that they are in a relationship with becasuse the fear that if they don't have sex with them then they wil leave them for another person.


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